Tulle crown

Bonjour! Sorry I haven't posted in a week but I have been dealing with the GCSE choice process, various tests and (much more exciting) planning my agenda for the next few weeks as the fashion week season is fast approaching! I'm going to a couple of events over the month so look forward to posts about those! I posted a picture on my instagram of some Rookie/Tavi/Petra/Meadham Kirchoff inspired crowns but I thought I'd show you some better photos of the tulle one I made. I simply got some tulle/netting and cut small squares and circles then pinched them at the centre and glue-gunned them onto a white headband. I think it looks so pretty, and the light today was amazing so I couldn't not take any pictures.

This sweatshirt was my Mum's and originally white. It's years old so I dyed it a peacock blue to give it some life. I've also been into wearing super jazzy tights like these grey cable ones and the boots that I wrote about HERE have barely left my feet.

Headband - self made
Sweatshirt - old
Skirt - M&S
Tights - gah don't know sorry
Boots - thrifted

-Lexi xo


  1. The crown looks really pretty. It's great that you've managed to upcycle an old sweatshirt as well. Very thrifty!


  2. I love this outfit and your headband is amazing! I still need to make one omg and gaah lexi you're so pretty:* xxox


  3. So you're really pretty, your crown is so legit and peacock blue is your colour. I'm going to cry for three years until I look like you. Bye.

    1. Thank you, you are too sweet but I am going to have to cry for five until I can be as sassy as you <3 xo

  4. Love your crown, amazing that you made it yourself :)x

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  5. I like your headband, so lovely! <33


  6. oh my god love it xx


  7. This crown is beautiful and I love what you have done the sweater- giving it new life! xx