Life in Film at the Borderline

On Thursday night I went to see Life in Film at the Borderline in central London. It was actually in Soho and I walked through the Soho hotel where I went to the Good results PR press day a little while ago. Whenever I'm there now I feel like a young Carrie Bradshaw, finding her way in the city and going to cool concerts and events, and then I go to school the next day and it kind of kills the buzz ^_^. But Life in Film are a really good band and we went to see them for Alice's birthday. The Borderline was a really cool venue and we were right at the front. We missed most of the opening band, The Book Club, but what I saw was pretty good. I really want to start going to more concerts and gigs because the energy of any live music is so great. Life in Film are pretty small at the moment but they sound really amazing live. I managed to pinch the set list at the end. It is ripped and was soaked in beer but it captures the atmosphere perfectly.

Here are a few of my favourite songs they played.

Have you been to any concerts recently?

-Lexi xo


  1. this sounds so great! I really like their music so thanks for the introduction to them! hopefully they'll be on spotify<3 I love the Borderline! I've only been once bc y'know, travel and all, but it's such a great venue.. I think we're both pretty lucky in our locations for music - I'm spoiled for choice in venues down here! That's so cool that you got the set list! I so get that thing about a young Carrie - my favourite feeling ever is walking through Brighton with friends at night after a gig - I feel so like, independent I guess, and I'm genuinely never happier. xx

    1. No worries I'm glad you like them! Ah it's so great! Absolutely, but I've never been to a gig in Brighton. YES exactly you have a sort of 'I'm so young and empowered and independent woo' moment. Thanks for the lovely comment <3 xo

  2. I think I'm just always so in love with photos from concerts because the colours are so nice and fluorescent and glowy. It translate well into the energy you sort of spoke about at gigs. I like this a lot.