May favourites - video

Hello everyone! It's so close to Summer, I can almost taste it. Here is a video to show you all the things I've been loving lately. If you can't see the embedded clip, click HERE to watch. Enjoy :)

-Lexi xo


  1. lexi you look so good in this! I love your hair like that <3 <3 also okay i've been lusting after a naked palette for SO LONG like i've bought all the dupes and everything... tee shirt by birdy is the absolute sweetest thing, and I can't wait for the movie omg.. three of my friends saw it last night at an early screening but i've not let anyone talk to me about it haha because I literally get way too emotional... I so want to read (and watch) the virgin suicides too! I also really need to give some of your anime a go because I keep meaning to but haven't ever got around to it haha! your chokers are the best :)) xxx

    1. THANK YOU <3 You should definitely invest in it, it's fantastic. I know it's such a sweet song! I wanted to go to the screening to badly but I couldn't :( I know haha I am so excited to see it though. Same but I wanted to read the book first. YES. Yes you do! <3 thanks lovely xo

  2. I love your necklaces ! I have two like that too ! I actually did scavenge the house not too long ago to find mine again from when I was a 'hipster kid' haha :) going to read he fault in our stars at summer because I want to see what everyone sees !
    Eb x

  3. Ahh! I love this so much! Especially the necklaces, the tights and the ATTACK ON TITAN SHIRT OMG YESSSSS.