I officially have unicorn hair and a revamped wardrobe. Dye is glorious for both hair and clothes. Let's start with the clothes. My friend Emily and I tie dyed a bunch of old white t-shirts and primark dresses. Tie dye is a Summer classic and so much fun. I can't wait to show you the other clothes soon! As for hair, mine has pastel streaks running through the ends and I feel like a My little Pony toy and Emily now has pink dip dye! I'd never dyed my hair before this, so I was slightly concerned but it was a spontaneous move as I'd only decided the night before.

We used the Bleach London dyes in the colours The Big Pink, Sea Punk, Blullini and Washed Up Mermaid. They worked so well and we definitely achieved the desired pastel shades by mixing different colours.

Here's a video from my Youtube about how I (well, Emily) did it. You can watch the embedded clip below or click HERE.

So that's how I dyed my hair in this rainbow/pastel/unicorn/my little pony way. What do you think? I am so in love with it and it's perfect for Summer. It fades out in 2-10 washes so it's great if you want to experiment. I'm going to a festival this Sunday and it will work perfectly.

Have you ever dyed your hair? What colour?

-Lexi xo


  1. i love love love your hair, it looks so cool!


  2. Your hair looks awesome!! <3


  3. Your hair looks so good! xx


  4. your hair looks amazing! I love the mixture of colours - I dip dyed mine dark blue recently (also a spur of the moment decision - the best kind) and now it's come out I may follow in your footsteps with a mixture! it looks so summery and festival-ish <3 xoxoxo


    1. Thanks Mattie <3 Ohhh lovely, agreed. Go for it! Mines starting to fade but we could totally twin! I know it's very summery and perfect for festivals! xo