Somersault festival

Last Sunday I headed down to Devon with my great friend Edie for Somersault festival. We walked down towards the festival through rows of tents and yurts, surrounded by hippies and fellow festival-goers. It was such an amazing atmosphere, so relaxed and yet bursting with energy. There was so much going on and I can't all include it in one post, so today's is outfits and activities, and my next post will be a vlog and about all the performances I saw.

Playsuit - Asos
Kimono - TK maxx
Shoes - Converse (bought in NYC)
Flower Crown - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Primark
Ring - Portobello market

This is what I wore. I'm so obsessed with my new black Asos playsuit and it is perfect for festivals. You can dance and move around and stay comfortable too. I've had this Kimono since last Autumn but it has been far too cold to wear it - until now. It's definitely become one of my Summer essentials, also perfect for festivals because you can stay cool on hot days and avoid sunburn on your shoulders!

Whilst in the hippy spirit, we both decided to get feathers in our hair! The stall was The Feather Tree! The same brand I wrote about in my Pure london blog (I'm actually listed on their site as part of the Press coverage of the brand). It was so good to see the brand was doing well and I LOVE my new feather extension. 

Above is Edie's feather extension and below is her super cute outfit. Her boho shorts are perfect <3

We started the day by heading over to the 'Well being' section, filled with massage tents, palm reading and yoga groups. There was an adorable caravan which held pom pom and decorative twig making, run by the lovely girls, Hattie & Flora

There was also this beautiful stream running through the area. People were swimming in it and dipping their feet, it was lovely.

At night, there were lights everywhere, giving this very soft nostalgic glow as we left. It was such a wonderful day. The best part was obviously the music, so stay tuned for my next post to hear all about that!

-Lexi xo


  1. This looks amazing! I love what you're wearing so much and the caravan looks so cute!xx

  2. this looks so good! I looove your outfit - I'm so desperate for a kimono, they're perfect for this weather! I loved the vlog, hope you had a good time (and in mallorca, you lucky thing haha!) :** xoxo

  3. Thank you! I know I am so obsessed with mine. Ah thanks so glad you liked it, I'm going to share it in my next post. Ah hehe I will :* xo

  4. I love your outfit so much, that kimono is absolutely perfect xx

  5. This is perfect, your kimono is perfect, the flowers are perfect, you are P E R F E C T.

    Entirely unfair.