fancy pants

Title to be read in a sarcastic American accent (or not it's up to you really).

These outfit pictures were taken in an adorable old town in Mallorca called Pollenca. It was unbearably hot, hence the lack of jewellery and layering but I think this outfit is actually pretty cool. 

Top - Forever 21
Trousers - Urban renewal range at UO (restyled vintage)
Sandals - Next
Flower crown - Boutique in Pollenca
Sunglasses - Primark

Firstly, I am so in love with my new Next flip flops/sandals. The holographic band across the front is so cool. The flower crown I found in a sweet Boutique in the town which also sold the most beautiful jewellery. I'm so happy about my sunglasses. I bought them to replace a pair I had last year which broke. I don't really buy much from Primark because (a) I like things to not break within the first week of buying them and (b) I don't agree with the way their clothes are produced. But I had to make an exception for these wonderful hippy shades as they are my all time favourite shape. Here are some other photos from around the town!

This was taken at the top of this giant staircase. And yes, I did climb every single one of those steps right from the bottom. I was nearly dead by the end of it.

It was so pretty and since we were there in Fiesta week, there was this beautiful white confetti and bunting hung up all over.

Have you guys been anywhere this Summer?

-Lexi xo


  1. Looks like you shoot at a really cool place. Love your pants so much, you loo so chic in it <3

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  2. I love those trousers. Perfect for Summer! These are beautiful pictures of Mallorca!

    Amalia x

    1. Thank you yes they are fab and Mallorca was so beautiful! xo

  3. Lovely photos, stunning outfit - so nice and summery x

  4. Haha soo fancy :)) I love your glasses and flower crown

    Xx Barbora