autumn aesthetics

I am currently going through what I call my 'witch phase' (my dad says I look like Morticia Addams which to me is the coolest complement ever). The second one of my existence I might add. The first came about when I was seven, and me and my best friend at the time threatened to turn our worst playground enemies into frogs. The friends who remember this will never let me hear the end of it. But this 'witch phase' is less spell driven and more steered by style. I had far too much fun prancing around this spooky pavilion in a floor length cardigan and editing little spiderwebs and cats into these photos (apologies in advance). Despite my love for fantasy stories and witchy clothing, I actually really hate Halloween. But I think I'm spending this year's in some spooky estate in Scotland, so I'm gonna be posting some cool stuff.

^a smiley photo to prove that I am totally a normal human being^

Gingham dress - TK Maxx
Floor length cardigan - hand-me-down
Boots - thrifted
Tights - M&S

I bought my necklace in Mallorca from this design your own jewellery store. I got three charms: a cresent moon, a sun and a rose quarts stone. They are detachable so I can wear them all together or separately and they totally add to the witchy vibe. My rings are from H&M or thrifted.

*play as you read*

Autumn is by far my favourite sseason. It has this amazing aesthetic of magic and witch-y-ness (so currently very fitting). It's fireworks and sparklers on gloomy nights. It's swishing orange leaves with well-loved combat boots. It's eating pizza whilst watching Wes Anderson films. It's running in the rain with new band members, desperately trying to keep your amps dry. It's pretending your Ginger Rogers when dancing on fancy marble floors. It's listening to swing music in the rain. It's getting lost in suburban streets, as the sun starts to rise and mist surrounds you. It's running for the bus on a Thursday night, filled up with cream soda and laughter. It's meeting new people, and time for new beginnings. It's suede jackets from vintage shops. It's when you wear all kinds of mystical jewellery, pretending (and secretly believing) it gives you magic powers. It's cold air and bright skies, big jumpers and fancy hats, independent cinemas, used book stores, alone time, time with friends, film cameras and journal entries.

(all photos to follow from my Tumblr)

If I had to permanently live in a season, this would definitely be it. 

-Lexi xo


  1. LEXI IT'S BEEN SO LONG! Though I'm not quite up to starting up my own blog again at the minute I've recently realised how much I've missed blog reading, so get ready for a comment spam on my behalf! I love the witchy vibes, and you have no idea how jealous I am that you can pull of that cardigan... the gingham is also perfect! I so feel you with loving autumn - I always forget how much I love the comfort of a fire, hot chocolate, fluffy socks, movies and rain in an afternoon :3 Hope you are well at the moment, I feel so out of the loop with bloggers rn, I've missed you! xxxx

    1. TOO LONG MAN <3 Ah thanks so much for all your lovely comments! Ugh witchy vibes yes. You could totally rock the cardigan Mattie! MIssed you too, thanks again, will drop you an email soon! xo

  2. Love this outfit! <33 Witchy vibes are the best, Morticia Addams is a babe (as are you!) xx

  3. I love your dress! I actually made one very similar last year and I wore it all the time :) Really like the way you've styled it with the long cardigan, I never would have thought of pairing the two myself! They work so well together :) Great outfit <3 xoox

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS

    1. Thanks so much! Ah that's so cool, I really want to get into making more clothes. xo

  4. Love the outfit Lexi! I've been wearing so much black recently eeek.. xx

  5. Really beautiful dress! Stunning photos. Can't beat a bit of Fred Astaire x