Sunflowers and suede

Every day I walk past this flower stall and always see these incredibly bright and beautiful sunflowers (which happen to be my favourite). Last Sunday, I was out with my friend Sky and I thought, you know what let's buy some. The purchase happened to be rather amusing and an anecdote neither me or Sky are likely to forget. They also made an excellent addition to this outfit shoot.

Jacket - Vintage from Rokit
Playsuit - Asos
Boots - Thrifted
Bandanna - Rokit

I picked up this suede jacket during the summer, meaning it was so cheap (£6!). It was originally a gift for my Dad (I wanted to find a match for this jacket John Cusack wears in Serendipity) but I ended up stealing it (sorry Dad). When I bought it, it had this voucher for some Californian ice cream stall in the pocket, so it has obviously had quite a life before this. That's by far my favourite thing about vintage, think about all the different memories that have been made in this jacket, all the places its been and the people who've worn it. I like to think it was previously owned by an old Calfiornian man who played guitar on Venice beach, but the possibilities are endless.

Horoscope symbol ring - Market in Mallorca

This has been one of my favourite layering techniques for Autumn - putting a long sleeved t-shirt under my playsuit to almost turn it into a pair of dungaree shorts and adding tights for warmth. Side note: how aesthetically pleasing is it that everything in that gif is black and white besides the sunflowers?

This is Sky, who very kindly took these photos for me. She has a fab tumblr, which you can follow HERE. We became good friends on a school trip just before the Summer, and I've only just got round to editing and uploading the footage. I'm uploading to my Youtube channel a lot more now, and don't always share the videos on here, so make sure you subscribe HERE to see them first! 

-Lexi xo


  1. this is definitely one of my favourite outfit posts of yours! that coat is beautiful and £6 is craaazy - you were wise to keep it for yourself! <3 so happy that the season of layering has finally come around aha xxx

    1. ah thanks Mattie! I knoowww haha <3 and yes layering is so much fun! xo

  2. Love the jacket so much omg, I've been on the hunt for a jacket like this but an aviator style one haha. I can't seem to find one anywhere though eek! Those flowers are so pretty! xx

    1. Ah thank you! Ohh that would be cool, have you tried asos? I know they're beautiful xo