Swinging in the snow

T-shirt (underneath) - not sure
Trapeze dress - Zara
Tights - Calzedonia
Boots - Thrifted
Rings - all H&M or hand me downs
Nails - Topshop

Happy Christmas Eve lovelies! I hope you're all eating lots of chocolate and if you don't celebrate Christmas, well I still hope you're having a wonderful day. I have another outfit from Sweden, which is rather festive due to the snow and elements of red, so I thought I'd save it for today. My mum bought me this really cool Trapeze dress from Zara as a pre-Christmas gift and I love the unique shape. It's also very fitting with the '60s vibe I'm obsessed with at the moment. The burgundy tights tie in with the red on the collar of the dress perfectly. My nail polish was a Secret Santa gift from my friend Izzy, and it's actually matt, so it's quite a quirky twist on your standard colour. 

Once again, Merry Christmas all! 

-Lexi xo


  1. I love your dress! the red neckline and zip are such nice touches. I feel like I've said merry christmas to you now literally like ten times already but it's christmas eve so I couldn't possibly not finish a comment with it - so yeah, merry chriiistmas! <3 xxx


    1. Ah thank you Mattie! Same haha but Merry Christmas to you too! xo <3

  2. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Merry Christmas Lexi :)
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Lexi this is so gorgeous! Outfit and photos on point, love the dress. Oh I was wondering, do you dye your hair?! I'm love your hair colour, I want to go a lighter blonde.Hope you have an amazing Christmas! xx

    1. Thank you my dear Lexie! I don't actually, it's all natural! But you should that would look so cute and we could twin <3 You too! xo

  4. oh my god!!!!!! you and your dress are so beautiful, merry christmas love!!!


  5. Hey nice landscape! And the contrast between your tights and the dress is nice!
    Happy New Year :)
    Check my blog

  6. That dress is so girly and cute and I want to see more photos of you running through fields, twirling it around. Happy holidays, Lexi!