A Day At The Fair

Lexi Wears:
Top - H&M
Skirt - The White Company
Sunglasses - Coach
Boots - Thrifted
Bag - Kanken

I spent the bank holiday Monday in a lovely village called Reach just outside of Cambridge. My friend Alice and I explored the local Fair, which was adorable. I decided to sport my new skirt and sunglasses, both found at Bicester village a few weeks ago. I love the off-white colour of the skirt and how the dynamic under layer contrasts with the flowy-ness. I thought the sunnies were so unique due to their blue tint and I'm completely in love with them. And of course I was wearing my signature yellow backpack. It's become one of those pieces that almost feels like an extension of myself because I wear it everyday.

The fair was typically English, complete with the the Mayor of the town throwing new pennies to the children and maypole dancing to mark the beginning of the Summer. It also had a glorious Ferris Wheel, which happens to be one of my favourite things. Although saying that, the ride started to fall to pieces shortly after we got off, which was quite alarming.

Here's a vlog/short film I made of our day. Watch above or click HERE.

-Lexi xo


  1. Love this outfit!!! So cute :)
    xx Alyssa

  2. Beautiful pictures, and I love that outfit! I've been searching for that top everything but it's sold out in every H&M story I walk in. Even online it isn't available. Nah. :(

    1. Thank you Kim! Ah that's so annoying, worth it though I love mine x

  3. The pictures are lovely, you look gorgeous! I especially love the skirt!
    x inés