DIY Bleached slogan jacket

Inspired by old school biker jackets, today's DIY is a bleached slogan shirt. It's perfect for throwing over a pair of shorts and tee, and the bold phrase just adds something interesting to your outfit (a great conversation starter).  


-An old shirt or fabric jacket
-An old paintbrush

Firstly, lay out your shirt onto a towel, making sure the front panels are spread out (you don't want the bleach to go through to the front). Then with a pencil, roughly outline where you want your phrase or word to go.

Then paint on your word with your old paintbrush and bleach. Emphasis on the old, as the bleach is likely to cause the bristles to disintegrate once you're finished.

To create the wispy strings coming off the letters, simply drag your dipped brush in the air out from the letters and let the strings settle.

Lastly, leave your bleach to develop for an hour or so and then wash it out. The amount of time will vary depending on the colour and material of your shirt,but it's best to check every half hour or so until you reach the desired effect.

Voila! You have your slogan jacket. I opted for 'Odyssey' because it's not too cheesy, but still pretentious enough to wear on a piece of clothing. I also like its associations with a journey or long wandering and Greek poetry. 

I'd love to see if you recreate this, so give me a shout on twitter or instagram if you do!

-Lexi xo