This month has been the longest I've ever gone without posting since the start of this blog, and it was strange putting it aside. I've been kind of inactive on social media for a while due to the delightful presence of my looming GCSEs. Luckily, my mocks have now finished, and the New Year has been a nice opportunity for me to reassess what I'm doing. I think I'm finally going in a direction with my life and my art - I'm in a good place.

Although the shorts and tights combo is a little childish, it's something I feel really comfortable in, especially with the elegant silhouette of a long coat on top. Since visiting Stockholm last October, I've been taking a lot of inspiration from Scandi style. The people in Stockholm wore a lot of black and neutral colours, but kept it interesting with dramatic shapes and bright blonde hair. You can definitely see me channelling my Swedish roots in this outfit.

I've also accumulated a set of gold jewellery which I wear daily. This opal necklace has become my new favourite thing.


Jumper - Bench
Shorts - Gap
Coat - Thrifted
Backpack - Zara
Necklace - Fair
Shoes - Adidas

 I don't feel the need to be so outrageous with my style choices any more - the purpose of fashion has changed for me. It's no longer about declaring myself as different with wild and challenging combos, it's about feeling comfortable in my evolving self. Although I still love finding unique pieces and playing with fashion, fairly simple outfits like this one are becoming something I feel increasingly comfortable in.

It's not long before I have to start working again for exams, but I'm going to do my best to keep this little corner of the internet running, as it is quite dear to me. We also hit 100,000 page views, which is incredible, so thank you!

Photos by Sky Lewis - Instagram - Tumblr