Recently, my dear brother Jack graduated from Cambridge University. Watch my account of the day below or click HERE.

It is still bizarre to me that he is now a fully fledged adult, who will start working in September, and that education (for the most part) is behind him. There are certain junctions of his life that I remember vividly, as a bystander. One is the day we went to buy him suits for sixth form, and I thought he looked so mature. I also a remember a week later, dropping him off at the tube station for his work experience, again, standing in awe of my sophisticated older brother. It's funny now I am at that exact same period of my life, and I don't feel nearly as grown-up as I thought I would. 

I remember going to visit Cambridge with him, and being incredibly jealous he got to start his life so soon, longing for the day I could leave school. Now, I am close to applying to university myself, and whilst it is still an exciting prospect, I don't feel such a desire to give up my teenage years. In fact, I'm starting to really enjoy them.

So now I wonder where Jack and I will be on the day of my graduation. It's daunting to even speculate how different our lives will be.

If you're interested in Jack and his Cambridge experience, he's followed the wise path of his little sister and started a blog. If you're interested in reading (highly recomend) check it out HERE.

Congratulations brother, I'm very proud.



  1. aww, I see you admire a lot your brother!
    Hope your first year of uni will be great! ^^

  2. Such a lovely video. It really is so weird to think about the future like this - I can't believe I'm about to start university!
    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa