Tales from Turkey

The final chapter of my summer was my trip to Kaş, Turkey with my family.
 It was largely filled with lazy days at our villa overlooking the ocean, ending each night with dinner in the town, and an episode of Stranger Things. Now that I'm back at school and reflecting on our time in the sun, it all seems like a daydream - beautiful, hazy, and fleeting.

Maybe it's the fact that half of my DNA is from my Australian father, but I love the sea. I'm sure many have this affection for the beach, but I really love the sea.  It sounds pretty cheesy, but I feel very at peace with myself by the water. The fact that we had a winding path from our house leading down to a private pier on the waterfront was incredible, and I'm so grateful. The water was at times almost artificially blue, littered with masses of tiny silver fish which were like darts shooting past you.

Kas as a town was vibrant and welcoming. The area by the pier was pretty touristy, but dotted through side streets and passageways there was a real sense of home. Hand crafted leather goods, silver jewellery stores like caves of treasure and memorable independent businesses. Cats and dogs seemed to wander aimlessly throughout and contrasting motorbikes roared past you with fierce purpose and little care. It was colourful, non-threatening and authentic.

The sky was always worth looking at - sunrises with warmth, sunsets with clarity, and a full moon which illuminated the water so beautifully I was unable to capture it.

The restaurant pictured above was run by a woman and her son from their house. With only four tables a night the exclusivity alone was endearing. Paired with homemade lemonade and aesthetically pleasing decor, I was sold. I still distinctly remember the owner's tattoo - a cherry blossom tree creeping across her shoulder blades.

This is just a small section of the view I woke up to each morning. There's something about summer skies which is so hard to replicate. I tried painting the view, but can't find away to apprehend the depth of the scene, despite the simple colours.

On one of our last nights, we were walking around the town, unable to decide on a place to eat. I caught a glimpse of light in an opening between two buildings. I was drawn to the sun, and soon found myself on a restaurant terrace, at golden hour, with no one else in sight. Slowly, the night went on. We had multiple sporadic courses, and the terrace became enveloped in smoke and conversation.

Like I said, it does all seem like a daydream now. Alongside the beauty, there was of course the looming anxiety leading up to my GCSE results day, which ended up being fantastic to all those wondering. Thankfully that's not the only lasting memory I will have of my Summer holiday. 

Kas, you were wonderful. I'll probably be back.



  1. gorgeous photos Lexi! Looks so beautiful time, you've made me want to visit Kas now! x x

  2. Kas looks stunningly beautiful- It's easy to forget the beautiful places in a country in times of unrest. You really captured your holiday wonderfully! Bethany x


    1. It really was. Exactly, and what we see in the news isn't always a reflection of the whole country. Thank you!