Characters of Kaş

There is an endless list of things I love about travelling. Seeing new cultures, beautiful scenery, food, and adventure. But my favourite will always be meeting new people. Even if you only know them for a moment - a short conversation or perhaps a glance across a room. That small insight into a world so different to your own can be inspiring. A window into a life - a story. The waitress with a perpetual smile and contagious warmth, the man who spends his evenings welding jewellery, the woman in the shop with the colourful dresses. 

Kaş is a vibrant town filled with interesting characters. Today I'm sharing with you a series of portraits of some of the people I met during my Summer stay in Turkey. 



  1. Learning about new cultures, meeting new people is what I love about travelling too. Sweet post :)


  2. These are such gorgeous portraits Lexi x x

  3. Beautiful photos and blog!xo