A Period of Transition

We're in a period of transition from Summer to Autumn. The days are cooler but not yet under the rule of Winter's bitter clasps. The nights are longer but you can still come home in the light. As we undergo the routine metamorphosis of the weather, our wardrobes change too. It's that blissful yet short window in London where you can live in jeans and a t-shirt. You can start to put away your Summer dresses and slowly bring out the jackets, the trousers, the cardigans but the big coat is not needed. I love it. 

I shot this outfit in New York over the Summer but I think it remains resonant in this golden window for getting dressed. The blue linen trousers I found in a charity shop last year and they are the easiest thing to style (but not the easiest thing to iron). The other piece to highlight is my white Supergas which I've worn pretty much every day since I bought them in July; the perfect transitional shoe.  


Leotard - dance store
Trousers - thrifted
Shoes - Superga
Bag - Fiorelli
Sunnies - Ray Ban

I too, am in a personal period of transition. As the Summer draws to a close, I am starting a whole new chapter at university. One of new faces, independence, moving out. It's a time of great change but one I feel ready for. As ever, I will be sharing it with you. 

Wish me luck. 


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  1. I love your trousers! I always love the transition between seasons.