think pink

My style is constantly changing. Different places inspire different colour palettes, moods, silhouettes. Recently I've been drawn to pink and more feminine pieces, something I would have stayed away from a few years ago. I found this dress at Zara at the beginning of the Summer and it's an effortless statement. Plus, it matched perfectly with the pink flowers of Kaş, Turkey, where these photos were taken.

I found a stunning pair of gold hoop earrings in a shop in Kaş. Stupidly I lost one of them the same night. I returned to the store asking if I could buy another to complete the set and the owner offered instead to sell me a new pair and make the spare into a necklace. The end result was a beautiful one of a kind matching set (pictured above).


Dress - Zara
Sandals - Next
Jewellery - Turkey


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