Mini thrift haul

I scouted some local charity shops with my friend Alice and bought a few thrifted goodies to show you all! I found all of these things at cancer research.

I found this art wooden man really cheaply and I was very pleased as these are usually quite pricey and it will help with my drawings. 
Next are these shorts! Oh my my do I love these. I have a little hatred for denim summer shorts and tights and I think it is hard to get that look right. These I like because they are WINTER shorts! Yay! They are woolen and so cute. 
Finally are these little gold rings. They are little scrabble tiles and I wanted the L one but they came in a set and spell love. I probably will only wear the plain one and the L one but they are still pretty.

Let me know if you like these little hauls!

-Lexi xo

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