Today's not a good day for parachuting, but I'm still going to wear a jumpsuit

Hello all! This was the outfit I wore today. Apologies for gloomy lighting but apparently there's a storm coming with strong winds and I left my outfit photos till the end of the day. It's half term - thank god - so I have a week off school to do lots of blogging and fun, creative things for you. It also means I can stock up on outfit photos. I went shopping today at TK maxx. It's not the 'coolest' store but I really don't care because you can find some cheap bargains there. I bought a set of paint brushes because all of mine dissolved in acid after a bleaching project went wrong, and a kimono which I will feature in another post soon. I wore this jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters which I bought in the Summer. I made it a bit more Autumn appropriate with a leather jacket and my black flats. I felt so coordinated with my thrifted bracelet because it matched all the different tones of grey in my outfit. I added my blue Longchamp bag to add a pop of colour. 

Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Jumpsuit - Urban Outfitters
Bracelet -Thrifted
Shoes -Topshop
Bag - Longchamp

-Lexi xo 


  1. I love this outfit so much - the jumpsuit is so pretty! xxx

  2. That playsuit looks adorable xoxo