Happy Guy Fawks night! I went to a firework party on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I met some new people and we sat on the roof to watch the fireworks, took interesting photos and talked about our favourite artists. A friend lent me her tripod so I could take some  slow shutter speed photos of the fireworks. They turned out beautifully, especially with the sparklers! Today I'm going to show you all of my favourite photos and also the outfit I wore.

Spelling out 'BANG'

Shapes & Signitures

Lots of lines

Spelling out 'LOVE YOU'

This one reminds me of the Arctic Monkeys new Album cover art

This one reminds me of a Dandelion

Probably the best picture I took

Aren't they cool? I am definitely going to experiment with this kind of stuff more often. Here is the outfit I wore to the party.

I wore this new dress with mesh & polka dot cut outs. The little dots are made out of velvet and I really like the way this dress fits.

Dress - H&M

Did any of you do anything for Guy Fawks night?

-Lexi xo


  1. the shape of this dress is so beautiful and eurgh lexi you are SO PRETTY like omg

    I've always wanted to try out taking some slow shutter speed pictures; they look so cool! xxx

    1. Haha thank you beautiful Mattie! Yeah I had no idea how to change the settings but luckily there was someone at the party who knew lots about photography! xo

  2. oh wow the writing looks amazing, I've always wanted to do that with sparklers! you look gorgeous too, love the dress you beaut xx