Winter outfit & essentials

Today is the first of December which means two things, firstly it's officially Winter and England is freezing and secondly Christmas is coming! I'm suddenly so festive and excited so today I am going to show you my first Winter outfit and some essentials.

I featured my lovely new Zara coat in a previous post but I didn't show the wonderful (faux) fur around the hood. I stole the t-shirt from my brother and my skirt is new from M&S. They have amazing basics and I also bought some high waisted black jeans which are exact dupes of the American Apparel ones! I kept it simple and cozy with these cute knee socks over my tights and my typical chelsea boots. My ring (shown below) is from the Bondi market in Australia at Easter.

Coat - Zara
T-shirt - brother's old but originally from the NBC store in New York
Skirt - M&S
Belt  - Vintage
Socks - M&S
Boots - Gap
Ring - Bondi Market

My first Winter essential is an advent calender. I picked this amazing Sally Swanell 3D house one at the Spirit of Christmas fair. It is easy to put together and the little window illustrations are so cute. You can check out Sally Swanell here.

Next is a good old Christmas movie. Arthur Christmas is my favourite. It's funny and good for all ages. It also explains all of your questions about how Santa gets around to all of the houses (just saying ^_^).

I was on the fence of whether I wanted to do a Christmas gift guide/wishlist so I thought I would show you one really great present I found whilst out in London the other day, but do let me know in a comment if you want to see a gift guide! This Swept Away by Wanderlust journal is perfect for a student going on a gap year or just a traveler in general. It has all these original questions and a creative layout to document your adventures.

I found it in this book shop which I thought was going to be tiny, but it was huge inside and full of wonderful books. There is something so comforting about book shops like this.

-Lexi xo


  1. I love the knee high socks! They're so sweet and man I bet they're warm too haha:) And woo it's so near christmas - I've been wearing a santa hat literally all day! (nope not childishly over-excited at all)


    1. Thank you they are very cozy! Haha I'm with you on that one! Trying to track down an ugly christmas jumper too! xo

  2. I need a coat like that, cute! Also I loove that advent calendar :D xxx

    1. Yes it does go with everything! Thanks for reading xo

  3. All of these dresses are absolutely stunning! I love the one inspired by Aubrey Plaza’s dress. I think that watching the Emmy’s and other award shows is actually a great way to get inspired when it comes time to look for a wedding dress. This is especially the case if you’re having trouble figuring out what your style is. Thank you for sharing!

  4. That sweater looks cozy and comfy! And I think I like your idea of cuffing jeans and letting sock show between the boots and the jeans--I haven't tried it before, but I think that would be cute!UpdateLand

  5. That sweater looks comfortable and comfortable! What's more, I think I like your concept of binding pants and giving sock a chance to appear between the boots and the pants - I haven't attempted it some time recently, yet I believe that would be adorable
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