A very vintage weekend

Hey! I have spent the majority of this weekend working through the massive pile of homework I have left till the weekend and having weird skype calls with the human incarnate of Legolas. But I did meet up with a new friend on Saturday to go thrifting and again on Sunday to go to a car boot sale. It was a very vintage weekend.

I met up with Isla who just started a blog which you should all go check out HERE. We took outfit photos in the sun, went hunting through charity shops and ate ice cream. I wore my fab new monochrome tights which I picked up in Sweden and finally got an excuse to wear my favourite sunglasses.

Tie-dye tee - DIY/self made
Skirt - M&S
Belt - vintage
Sunnies - french market
Tights - Sweden
Jacket - brother's old
Bag - Kanken
Boots - thrifted

This is the maxi skirt I found in a charity shop for £6 and it's originally from Asos. I have never been a floral gal and I think this is the only floral thing I own. I don't know they've just never appealed to me but the sun was out and I had Spring in my brain so I went for it.

This is Isla looking super cute in her retro sunnies, rose gold satchel and the new '80s looking necklace she bought in one of the charity shops.

Then on Sunday (today) we went to the car boot sale,

Isla bought this vintage tin which looks like it was from some old chocolate shop in Brussels. That's my favourite thing about old things, making up and thinking about the story behind them and where they came from.

One stall had this amazing scrapbook filled with pages and pages of old postcards and photographs.

I bought this oversized vintage shirt for £2. It was from a lady who sells vintage and old clothes from her travels in places like Italy and France so who knows where this came from. I think this will look really good with leggings and some heeled boots or over a bikini in the summer.

Finally, I bought this adorable glass tea cup which has the prettiest purple iridescence to it when it catches the light. It was part of a punch bowl set but I just bought one cup for £1 and I have put all my rings in it.

It was a lovely way to spend the weekend and nice to see some sun too. Make sure you check out Isla's blog! 

-Lexi xo


  1. The bacgkround is very pretty!
    You have reAlly cool glasses and I love the choclate tin your friend bought!! U bith have cool outfitts!!
    Xx Barbora

  2. Hey I am guessing you used fabric paint to dye your Tshirt !? You both look so pretty ! I would love to have a weekend like that. Just go looking through all that stuff !
    Eb x

    About to go and check out your friends blog now !

    1. I'm not sure I just used blue fabric dye and soaked it in a tub. Thank you, yes you should it was very fun! xo

  3. Argh, Lexi, you're so pretty. And that little tea cup and the chocolate tin are so perfect. Funny enough I also thrifted a floral ASOS dress recently and I'm also not that into flower prints and patterns. Can't wait to see how you style the shirt.

    1. Thank you Khensani you are too sweet! Oh awesome we can be matching, maybe our brains had some weird subconscious connection then haha. Glad to hear it I will be soon! xo

  4. Arghhh, im so jel! I love your outfit, the tights are awesome. Omg and you have a Kanken bag, I'm so desperate for one! I can't decide between a colour though, do I get yellow, gray or black?! xxx

  5. sounds like a cool weekend, im so in love with that shirt! and your sunglasses are gorgeous xx
    The Frill Seeker

  6. I love the vintage tin! Great photos xx


  7. OMW! Can I have ALL those glasses please?


  8. found your blog from twitter & I'm in love to be honest !! you're so cute keep going girl !!