Sweden haul - the Lexi Likes youtube channel!

Hello everyone! As I have previously hinted at/mentioned I have started my youtube channel! I just posted my first video which is a haul from my trip to Sweden a little while ago. Would love for you all to subscribe as I hope to make videos frequently now! Apologies for any awkwardness - I'm not used to talking to a camera yet. Also as some of you pointed out when I posted about MUN, you've never heard me speak before! Do I sound like you thought I would? Is it weird seeing me move? Anyway here is the video. If you're reading this on an email or through an app this won't show up so head over to Youtube.com/user/lexilikesblog to see my video and subscribe to the Lexi Likes channel! 

-Lexi xo

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  1. Omg, I'm desperate to start a youtube channel, I loved your haul. It is weird to see you speak though, normally your behind the computer hehe xx