Exploring the Scottish National Gallery

One day in Scotland, Alice and I decided to take the train down to Edinburgh where we ate mountains of pasta in this quaint Italian place and sketched in the National gallery. It was a day well spent.

These were all pieces by Steven Campbell. I loved the way that each one was it's own fictional universe and the aesthetic of the magical creatures and faded water colours was so pleasing.

The gallery was pretty cool and here's what I wore for our day of adventuring. 

Jumper - topshop
Playsuit - Asos
Tights - (borrowed) topshop
Boots - Charity shop
Jacket (<3) - borrowed

Alice lent me these amazing sparkly blue tights and I borrowed the jacket from her lovely Aunt. I actually became really attached to it by the end of the trip and if any of you know where I could get something similar I would really appreciate it! Autumn means the season of expert layering is upon us, so I went for this really sweet jumper which has a chiffon layer over the top and paired it with my black playsuit. 

I'm currently getting really excited for Christmas (I know it's early for lots of people but I LOVE the festive season) and binge watching the Mindy Project and a new favourite anime, Nisekoi. I also can't stop listening to this song:

Hope you are all well!

-Lexi xo


  1. Love this outfit! The tights are amazingggg, Scotland looked like fun!! xx

    1. I know aren't they pretty? Thank you yes it was! xo

  2. Hi lexi, have been reading your blog for ages and really love it!! Love the coat and tights, seen a really similar coat in Gap recently?? Don't know if that helps! Xxx

    1. Hi Anon, thank you! Glad you like it. Oh thanks so much will have a look on their website! xo

  3. this outfit is perfection! the tights are amazing (glitter. I just can't resist the glitter) and I also love the jacket - i'm also on the hunt for something similar so I'll let you know if I find one! the way you've layered that playsuit works so well <3 the gallery looks amazing - I love how busy the room in the first pictures is - the whole layering of the artwork onto already decorated walls is so striking! looove this post xxx


    1. Thank you! I know the glitter is fab. Yes it was stunning! xo