Sweden Haul - video

You guys seemed to really like my haul from my last trip to Sweden, so I thought I would do another this time too. Watch below or click HERE.

-Lexi xo


  1. I just posted a comment but it seems to have disappeared, so apologies if you get this twice from me...Hope you had the loveliest of times in Sweden, it must have been so festive! I love h&m's whole grungey vibe at the minute, and omggg your coat is beautiful... can't go wrong with the daim bars either! if I don't speak to you before then, merry Christmas lexi! hope you have an amazing one! it's weird because I remember getting all excited with you about Christmas last december, and it amazes me that it's been an entire year??! anyway speak soon, have a lovely one gal xxox


    1. I know their grungey vibe is so on point. Thank you Mattie <3 omg yes that's amazing, happy one year! You too babe <3