New Years Resolutions

It's at this point in time where we usually give up on our resolutions for the New Year, so hopefully my belated video should inspire you to keep at it! 

Let me know yours in the comments!

-Lexi xo


  1. Ahh man I hope 2015 is a whole lot better health wise for you, being ill is the worst :( Reading is one of my resolutions too - I always forget how relaxing it is! One of the books I've been reading at the minute is I Am Malala, which you'd love - I'm picky when it comes to non-fiction, but it's incredibly interesting and not too dry of a read! Also a moment of appreciation for you right now, because your content has excelled so much this year Lexi, you put me to shame! It makes me so happy to see you getting this brand recognition and going to LFW and all because I know how much you've worked your butt on this blog in the past year especially, forever proud of you!! xxx

    1. Ah thanks I hope so too! That sounds amazing I've got to read it! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously you have been the most lovely and dedicated reader ever, and you've literally commented on all my posts and I'm so grateful. So THANK YOU for being the loveliest blogging buddy and internet friend! Love you lots Mattie! xo