New York inspired playlist

New York city is my favourite place in the world. There's a certain drive in New York. Everyone has an ambition, and choose this jungle of brick and glass as their ground on which to build their dream. It sounds incredibly cliché I know, but the fact that it is so cliché proves that it's true. The magical kingdom of concrete is made for a certain type of person and I believe I am one of them. One day I will live there, preferably in Soho but I'm not fussy (I mean its New York, dump me on the street and I'll be happy). 

From my previous trips I have distinct memories and associations that take me back to the city. Among these are watching Hannah Montanna for the first time (as a Disney-deprived nine year old this was beyond exciting), discovering the genius invention that is iced coffee, Frank Sinatra's beautiful voice, clean white hotel beds, Carrie Bradshaw, Breakfast at Tiffany's and the classic Manhattan cityscapes. Unfortunately, until the city gets cheaper I am unable to run away from my responsibilities at home (that's how it works right?). So I decided to create a New York inspired playlist. The eclectic mix was created for the future, when I'm all grown up and packing my bags, dreaming of the city that never sleeps.

Any further song suggestions would be much appreciated.

-Lexi xo


  1. Love this! My New York playlist is basically The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr., Vampire Weekend, and Drowners. NYC spawns some of the best bands!!!

    1. Yes I love Drowners and the Strokes! I should add some of their songs, thanks Alyssa! x

  2. I've always had an obsession with city settings and people find it funny and cliché but I feel like it defines who I am and inspires me! I love commute and various people and cute playlist


  3. I know exactly where you're coming from and Yes everyone says NY but that's indeed what shows that it's true.
    I'll be there for you can't be left out, hahah!
    Jade x