The Eclectic Collection of Inga Bäckman


I shot this short film as part of my latest art GCSE module, entitled 'Collections', on my recent trip to Sweden. 

You may have read about my grandmother Inga's house before, in this post last year. Her house is filled with weird and wonderful souvenirs from her travels and it's almost like a charming, cluttered museum of her life. The ceilings are low, and every inch of wall houses a plate or piece of art. To me, the fairy tale-esque cottage is the epitome of collections.

The film itself wasn't too planned out, and my main aim was to capture the quaint nature of Inga's house. I used my beloved 50mm lens to get that soft, dreamy focus on the close ups, which ended up working rather well. This has definitely been one of my more challenging projects, as I'm not used to making short films in such a curated fashion. However it's definitely something I plan to pursue further.

Let me know your thoughts on the film in the comments!


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