The Best Vintage In Edinburgh (And Maybe The World)

I was in Edinburgh for Fringe, to see two shows in 24 hours. With half an hour to spare, I stumbled across Armstrong's Vintage. I was then transported through a portal to another world (at least that's what it felt like). 

You enter the store into a small room, with some classic disco dresses on one side, and kilts on the other. Cute, modest, and nothing compared with the rest of the store. The deceiving small doorway at the back leads you down a corridor, and then opens out to two large rooms, both with tall ceilings and packed racks filled with clothes. It was a tardis of fabric and glitter. 

It was the best kind of store - so much to look at you don't know where to start. Cluttered and chaotic, ordered by era and item, yet still a lot to take in. It had the feeling that searching hard enough through the emporium would lead you to a piece of treasure, something special. And this premonition definitely didn't disappoint.

I found suede trousers, a '70s navy dress, a neck tie and a camel coat from the '60s, so beautiful, I felt like I deserved a medal for finding it (even though all I did was take it off the rack). Watch out for a lookbook styling these pieces on my youtube channel soon.  In my short stay I managed to visit this particular store twice, and later learnt that there were three in Edinburgh in total. I highly encourage you to pay them a visit should you find yourself close by (I know I'll be back). Check out their website HERE.


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