Bringing Back the Basket

I hinted on my twitter earlier this month that August would mark some changes to this blog. The major one is now complete - Lexi Likes has a brand new design. I'm very pleased with it and I'm hoping it will reflect the new breed of content I'm starting to produce. Thank you for all of your feedback thus far, I'm so happy you like it too. Here's to a new chapter!

Today I'm sharing another Summer outfit shot in Kas, Turkey. Kas has a wonderful bohemian, chill vibe. It's not a town for dressing up, and I've loved being able to throw on a sundress and some flip-flops every night. Although I'm excited about dressing for Autumn, I am definitely going to miss the ease of Summer evenings.


Pinafore - Boutique in Turkey (similar HERE)
Bralette - M&S (similar HERE)
Basket - no idea (this one is cute)
Flip flops - Havainas
Gold hoops - Turkey (similar HERE)

Let's talk about the basket. I've seen the rise in wicker bags all over the blogosphere, and I am loving it. It gives you that 'I'm living in the South of France and I'm just off to the market to buy flowers' vibe. While the popular Birkin revival models go for a few hundred pounds, I've had this one for years so it didn't cost me a thing. It was actually acquired when I played Goldilocks in the charming year of 2006. Who knew I was so ahead of the game. I was about to crack a joke about bringing back the apron from my costume as well, and then I realised I am literally wearing an apron dress. So essentially I've just unintentionally channelled my Goldilocks days. I'll take it. 

I bought this white pinafore last year in Turkey and it has become one of my favourite pieces. I wear it to school in Winter by layering it with a black t-shirt or jumper underneath, and pairing it with some heeled boots. In Summer, it works wonderfully with a lace bralette and sandals. I'm also immensely proud that I have completed a full year of Art A-level without getting any stains on it. That is a miracle.

To new beginnings and old accessories!