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While I've always been interested in style, I never really cared for interiors. My childhood bedroom was more a collection of my things, an evolving museum of my life, rather than a curated space. When I moved into halls for university last year, I avoided the classic pre-uni ikea trip, and brought whatever I had leftover from my room at home. I could never really be bothered to actually design my room.

Only now that I've started renting a flat with two friends for my second year have I started thinking about interior inspiration. I've been screenshotting dreamy spaces on instagram, taking pictures of places across my travels and collecting a fruitful pinterest board of ideas. 

Here are some of my favourite finds. 

The above pictures are actually of the villa I'm currently staying in in Turkey. The minimalism is striking and the view of the ocean is unbelievable.

A white fluffy carpet and oranges and yellows - ultimate '70s decor. 


An amazing Brunch place in Barbados called Bliss. I love the greenery throughout the space along with the warm tones. 

I can't wait to fill our place with plants.

The apartment itself is an amazing space with floor-to-ceiling windows making it filled with light. If you like this post I'll be sure to share pictures as I move in and start decorating the space!


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