Somersault vlog & performance footage

I am currently writing from sunny and beautiful Mallorca right next to a pool and some mountains with snoring family members all around. It ain't half bad. Today I want to share the second part of my Somersault festival content. I made a cute montage/vlog of our day and also have some footage of all the performances we saw. Watch below or click HERE.

I have been a fan of Misty Miller's music for a few years now, so seeing her perform live was amazing. I also loved seeing Shannon Saunders as I recently started listening to her and then she started popping up everywhere, including Jacksgap. I ended up talking to her after her set and she was so lovely. My final favourite was We Were Evergreen. I hadn't listened to them that much before but they were so enjoyable to watch perform. You would think, listening to them on recording, that most of it is produced but they actually use all of the instruments you hear and do the coolest tricks with sound machines.

It was such an amazing day and I definitely want to go next year. Have any of you been to festivals recently?

-Lexi xo

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