All good things are wild and free

The title is some artsy stupid quote I found on Tumblr, but this outfit shoot is from the most beautiful forest in Martha's Vineyard so I thought it was appropriate. These trees were everywhere and the view from my bedroom window was always stunning. 

Jacket - thrifted
Dress - DIY/customised

So this amazing denim bomber jacket was found in a Thrift shop on the island and it was so nice to throw on in the evenings. I love the red detailing, it gives a classic item such a nice twist. American thrift shops are one of my favourite things, and if you haven't yet seen my haul, watch at the end of this post or click HERE. The dress was originally white, long and my Mum's. But she handed it down to me and I decided to get a little creative. I tie dyed it with a subtle sky blue colour, so if you look closely it really does look like scattered clouds across the dress. I then had it hemmed at a cheap tailor to create this unique '60s mini!

^Slightly awkward close up to show you the tie dye^

As promised here is my thrift haul video with the wonderful Alice

Meanwhile I have started school once again and so far it's not too shabby. I literally can't wait to start doing art coursework.

-Lexi xo


  1. love your outfit and that you tie-dyed/hemmed the dress, it looks so cool!

  2. This outfit is killer. The dress underneath is so mod and I ADORE THE JACKET. It has like an almost childlike quality to it, which I love that you've contrasted with the dress. Wicked bruh.

  3. Love, love this gah! Your so lucky to be able to find that jacket! I need to get myself to some American thrift shops. Love the diy dress too xx

  4. American thrifting is one of the top things on my bucket list, you're so lucky! Can't get over how stunning you look in these Lexi, and also props to your creativity with the dress there, it so paid off! I love the dye's effect :3 xxx