Spa-rkling Summer Shoot

Although I've documented my love for the clean cuts and mod prints of the '60s in the past (see HERE or HERE), this year something new has caught my eye. I am obsessed with the '70s. The orange and earthy tones, flowy silhouettes and killer music have me infatuated with the decade. Here's an inspired outfit from my time in France at the end of the summer, hopefully one of many more to come.


Top - Forever 21
Trousers - H&M
Platforms - Public Desire
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Tattoos c/o Festivaleyes
Ring - French Market

I am obsessed with the shape of these wide leg trousers and they're also ridiculously comfortable (it feels like I'm wearing pyjamas). These cute temporary tattoos were a gift from Festivaleyes when I went to see them at Boxpark, so thank you! They really accentuate the hippy vibes. I've started a '70s pinterest board filled with inspiration, so you can check that out HERE if you're interested.

We took these photos outside the 'Chaine Thermale du Soleil' spa in France, which reminded me of an old fashioned sanatorium. The exterior that was almost too pretty with perfect pastel paint and empty orchards, and made me wonder what laid within. It would certainly make a great movie set. 

In other news, I'm back at school now, and already the countdown to my future life-altering decisions has begun. Merely on the first day, we were bombarded with information about A-level choices, university options, work experience and careers. This seems to be a pretty crucial year, and definitely a step up from those before. So it begins.



  1. love those pants

  2. love them too ^_^

  3. *pterodactyl screech* these pants, lexi. I want to cry they are so beautiful and then I want a pair so I can wipe my tears away. I have been looking for a pair like these for MONTHS and I could not be happier you just mentioned where you got them.

    this outfit is KILLER all around too. but THE PANTS. Oh god I might throw up from excitement I love them so much.

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ intergalactic glitter monster//Plasma Dolphin

    1. I am so glad I could be of assistance my dear Sonja <3 I love them quite a bit too! Thank youuu xx

  4. Ok, we need to take a minute to fully appreciate your trousers *minute of silence*. I am for real obsessed, comfort?? practicality?? stylish?? Honestly, what more could anyone ask for in a pair of trousers. Your pictures/you are so stunning, Lexi! Sending all the postive vibes your way for the upcoming school year! x

    1. THEY ARE THE BEST TROUSERS I KNOW <3 ah thank you so much, really appreciate it! x

  5. Your photographs and outfit are so so gorgeous , like absolutely perfect! And I hope everything goes well with school! x