I've felt out of sync with the whole blogging world these past few weeks. Year 11 is in full swing, and as my life gets increasingly busy, I needed some time away to recharge my creative batteries. A trip to Sweden later, and I'm back from my short hiatus, with new ideas and stories to share. 

Before visiting my grandmother in a more rural part of Sweden, I had a day and I half to explore Stockholm. The city was enveloped in autumn, with vibrant leaves and chilly winds laced through the streets (the real reason for those stylish Scandi scarves).  


Dress - Vintage via Rokit
Cloak - Boohoo
Boots - Thrifted
Bag - Kanken

Embracing the simple Scandi colour scheme, I opted for this denim dress and my black cloak, which nowadays rarely leaves my shoulders.

The structure and architecture of the city was dynamic and engaging, each island with its own purpose and personality.

My obsession with Swedish design soared when I went into & Other Stories, where I could have spent literally all my money. A haul video is on its way.

The city definitely had a charm, the most likely source being the amount of colour there was. In the buildings, the trees and the blonde stylish women who were everywhere.

My short stay in Stockholm was delightful. More Swedish content soon to come.



  1. love this denim dress

  2. Your photos are amazing!!!! And that dress with those boots is perfection xxx
    Glad you had a nice time xxx

    Eden x / edenroses

  3. Love this shirtdress! I want to go to Stockholm SO badly!!

    xx Alyssa

  4. ah, wanderlust. i've been wanting to go to sweden for what seems like forever now! i think we have the same camera, too. lovely pictures!

    1. Ah it's a really beautiful country! Thank you!

  5. really lovely photos, i love your dress and i'd love to visit sweden! xx

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